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So my friend Jennifer at Sass Avenue has written a kind blog post about my studio Grandeur Films. Previously I had given her a little plug, so I decided to return the favour and write an official post about her new venture. You can read her post here Grandeur Films: Cinematic Wedding Videos.

The way she best describes to me, is that her blog is generally about everything and anything. Though to put it precisely she states that its not a blog about ‘nothing’ but a blog about ‘something’. Pure genius she tells me, but in actual fact, I’m sure a lot of bloggers out there feel the same. For House Husbands, it is a world for me to talk about all things related to my life. On the most part it is obviously about my journey between Xavier and I, but at the same time, it is a place for me to vent.

Anyways not to steer away from the course, I think Jennifer has taken a great step, her whimsical approach and some what bold humour really takes you aback. Honestly in person you wouldn’t have sensed in this pint sized innocent girl (and I’m sure she will kick me for calling her pint size), lay dormant a more confident, raw and outspoken person. Sure, her close friends, probably know this already, but for me her humour stands out the most. To quote her.

We live in a world of routine and mundaneness. So let’s make it a mission to keep sassing about something! Whether it be an experience, a thought, a product or absolutely anything. For better or worse, let’s share our loves, our hates and our weird and wonderful experiences in a humorous way. Because let’s face it, life is too short to be boring. Let us live through your experiences and in turn you can live through ours.

An excerpt about my discussion with her and the twist of my words. You can clearly see, how sassy she is.

So I asked what do you have, that others do not when it comes to cinematic videography. His answer? “If you love being Over The Top (OTT), then you’ll love us! And because we are sick ass Asians, we know how dramatic and romantic your videos need to be. Korean and Pilipino drama-style touches, but executed with class.” That means, no Gangnam Stylez. But only if you don’t want to. Okay, so he may not have said it in those exact words, but you get the jist of it. Just ask him for yourself.

If you are engaged please visit her blog at Sass Avenue. If your after a quick pick me up or just a laugh, I am sure Jennifer can appease to your needs. Or if you just want to stare at her “I Want You Now” pose, then please feel free to contact her.



Graphic designer extraordinaire, Cinematographer/Director at Grandeur Films producing amazing wedding videos in Australia. Some may regard us as wedding videographers, but we like to name ourselves wedding film makers. Also dedicated house husband and father to little Xavier Oliver.

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