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So I haven’t really posted here for a while, as I have been tremendously busy with Grandeur Films and the business side of the things, as well as looking after Xavier. So I pre warn you that this post may be a wall of text, however I hope that you sit back and read some of the content.

Firstly we recently received a snippet into Xaviers photo shoot with Baby Axioo, and I have attached some of the pictures below. All in all, we were quite happy with the outcome, and it was really great to work with Ivan from Axioo. I am happy we spent the money to capture moments with Xavier, as a father, I think I haven’t been too active in that department. Especially a person with cameras to do so, it is quite lazy of me to not take it seriously. In the coming months though, I do plan to capture as much footage as I can of Xavier. They grow too quick, and sometimes you forget how quickly they have grown.

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So apart from the usual house husband duties, Xavier on the most part has been the same. He recently did get sick though, and had a bad case of diaorhea and sniffles, however I think it did subside after a week or so. Its really hard to watch your child when they are sick and helpless, you can’t help but just feel sorry for them. And I am sure any parent out there would feel the same. I guess that’s why its true when your parents reinstate the notion that you will realise what they went through when you have your own children.

This leads me on to the next subject, where last night we attended Anh Do’s – The Happiest Refugee, and for all of you who don’t know Anh Do is an Australian Vietnamese Comedian who has won numerous accolades and become a prominent celebrity in recent years.  Although we were there for his comedic abilities, what striked me the most about his show, was the story about his life and how he came and grew up in Australia. In all honesty, it had a similar tale to mine, and probably quite a few families that left Vietnam in the 70-80s striving for a better quality of life.

Anh Do talked about how his voyage on a boat with his family, and while seeking to escape war torn Vietnam, there boat was attacked by Thai pirates and thereby ransacked of all their belongings. He talked about how the leader of the pirates grabbed an infant, dangled him near the edge of the boat, threatening to kill the infant if they did not pass over all their worthy belongings. As he dangled the boy, a piece of gold dropped out of the infants body, which then further incensed the pirate, however he relinquished from his threat and let the infant survive. This boy happened to be Anh Do’s little brother.

I was taken aback when I heard the story, as my parents had a similar tale. We too came to Australia by boat when I was only 8 months old, and most likely travelled on the same boats similar to the millions of people that tried to escape Vietnam. My story is not so far from Anhs, and for those who attended my wedding and heard my speech, I talked about how my parents stashed all the gold they had amassed, and dispersed it within my clothes when pirates attacked the boat.

I don’t know anything further than that, but Anh’s story did make me feel a relation to his life. The struggles, the poverty, growing up in bad neighbourhoods, the relationship with his parents, as well as striving to make something of yourself. I really respect and admire what Anh has done not only for the Vietnamese community but for the young multicultural Australian. I never knew he had achieved so many things, and given back to so many communities. Its truly something to aspire to. It did give me a realisation and much better respect for my single mother.

We grow up and sometimes forget how privileged we are to live in such a great country. To have food and shelter, and be cared for by loving parents, and sometimes that gets lost in translation when you are a young kid. I hope to instill this into Xavier and while we will try to make his life as comfortable as can be, I do want him growing up knowing the value of life and to stay grounded. If you would like to learn or see more pictures please visit While I end this post quite briefly and without a proper conclusion, please feel free to comment or discuss anything with me.

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