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house husband day 2 and 3

So day 2 was more of a challenge. Xavier woke up at 2 am, then from 3 am to 4 am he decided to test his vocal capacity. I think he woke up one more time after that and then slept till about 9:30 am, where I woke him up to feed. I think me feeling under the weather didn’t help, hence day 2 felt like it would never end, but we got through the day and although not as smooth as day 1, it still was a success in my eyes.
Sticking to the routine has helped, and I stress that its a constant battle between Xavier and I. The power struggle for man of the house still exists, and Xavier will test my resilience. But there were some milestones for the day, we went for a 20 minute walk, played, laughed, as well as falling asleep when I placed him in the bassinet without any prior rocking, woo hoo.

I won’t talk too much about Day 3 as we decided to leave him with the grand parents for the day. However he did reach a milestone, no crying in the car for the whole trip to his grand parents restaurant. Honestly since starting as a house husband, the car rides have been great. Although I have to sing to him to calm him down on a few occasions, for most of the time, he has been quite content. Today he fell asleep straight away, and hence silence. My wife dreads driving alone with Xavier in the car, but I’ve found that singing to him works and for now its my own little house husband trick.

So today I thought, I would write about what I do. I am a graphic designer, however now work as a cinematographer/director at Grandeur Films. We provide story telling to all sorts of clients, with wedding and corporate videos as the main forte. We love to work on Same Day Edits, and for us as a studio, we want to change the perception of wedding videos in Melbourne and also Australia. Times are changing, and brides are becoming more savvy. If you would like to learn more about Grandeur Films, or watch any of our wedding videos, please visit or Inserted below is our first Same Day Edit in Melbourne.

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Same Day Edit Melbourne – Vechie & Can 1 2 3 – Kamesburgh Gardens, Maia docklands

Also if your looking for a great blog to read. Please visit my friend Jennifer’s blog I love her whimsical approach to life and her perception of it. She’s a strong, an open minded girl, who would love to discuss anything.



Graphic designer extraordinaire, Cinematographer/Director at Grandeur Films producing amazing wedding videos in Australia. Some may regard us as wedding videographers, but we like to name ourselves wedding film makers. Also dedicated house husband and father to little Xavier Oliver.

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