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Hoorah. My first day as a house husband with little man Xavier, has been some what of a success. Although prior to today, it was all doom and gloom, even anxiety attacks, I must admit, I never expected it to go so smoothly. Apart from a minor hitch, where I may have had been kicked with faeces, all was not lost. I guess it came down to sticking to the routine, which my wife had set in place prior.

After that it was just sticking to the game plan, rocking him to sleep when he showed signs of fatigue, and feeding him when needed. It’s not rocket science, but I guess for the husband that stays at home, it can be a little daunting. Why? We don’t have those magical breasts like women do, and for whatever powers it may have, infants seem to know, boob equals comfort. All in all I am looking at making this blog my own personal journey with Xavier, as we battle to and fro, to garner who is the man of the house.

I know all days aren’t going to be like this, but it does give me the confidence in knowing, that I can do this. I have watched quietly, studying how my wife would care for Xavier day in day out. If you are engaged and can relate to what I have to say, please feel free to participate.

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